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Explain how the properties of water are significant to living organisms.

Water is very significant to living organisms. There are three main properties of water, a coolant,  a transport medium, and cohesiveness. Through sweat, organisms release their heat.  Since water is an universal solvent, it can dissolve any substances. The dissolved material can go around the organism transporting important materials to the organs of the organism. Water can also have a property as a habitat for micro organisms.


‘Severe abnormalities’ found in Fukushima butterflies

The explosion of Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima, Japan released huge amount of radiation 20km around the site. It was a huge disaster at that time. Japanese Government ordered no product from Fukushima will be sold and no use of tap water when cooking food.

The link is about the anomailes that disaster brought by the accident. The butterfly near the area of Fukushima have been caught and observed. Compared to the normal butterfly found around, the butterfly found at the site of accident have deformed eyes and much smaller wings.

These mutations might have happend either by eating contaminated food or the mutated genetic material of the parent. What if these mutaion might happend to human in the later days. Since humans live longer than butterflies, the effect of mutation will show after some time. So, it`s a scary thing but inevitable. It`s sad.
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